Wednesday, February 16, 2011

things I do to feel good...

I can't count on others to make me happy. Happiness isn't something you get from other. Others can bring it out, but if you don't already have happiness within yourself others can't make you happy! does that make any sense at all?
Anyways, I have been trying to just be me, and be happy... for no good reason.
Some things I do to help me find happiness within myself, without trying to suck it from other peoples lives, are things like:

-dancing in my room
-reading scriptures and good books
-combining the previous two things by writing and making music
-riding a bike, especially when I am wearing a skirt or dress
-walking by the ocean, rivers and streams (water is very calming to me, but not so much when it just sits there... like lakes and ponds... pointless!)

I am going to try to write more music, like Linda pointed out, I've got plenty of things to write and sing about. I'll keep you posted.


lmt said...

You are so craft and a talented artist. Remember that costume book you made for your niece... I think about that all the time. You have some definite hidden talents. Share them here, if anything.

lmt said...

ps. you're spoiling me with these consistent posts. I wish we could live closer...

Unifer said...

I love you! :D thank you for your comments, they make me feel special! :)