Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Awards Time

teeheehee I just got an award! its my favorite :D Thanx lots & lots to janelikewhoa :D

Rules Of The Award:
- List 10 facts about yourself
- Tag 10 other bloggers
- Tell them about the award

10 facts about me:
1) I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints
2) I suck at playing the guitar, but I play it anyways
3) I love to sing
4) Two years ago I was 20kg heavier than I am today
5) I used to think I would go crazy some day because I wanted to be an artist
6) I can't make up my mind about wether I hate or love animals (cats and dogs type animals)
7) I have a plant, I call it Chuck Norris... because only chuck norris could last for more than a year under my supervision
8) Love and charity are my favorite thing in the world! :D (writing that almost made me throw up, so mushy and cute! but so true!)
9) I love bollywood music, as well as all sorts of other interesting sounds
10) I don't like watching TV or listening to the radio... I am more of a "pick it myself" kinda gal

10 people tagged by me:
Maliana, Melanie, Dust-Speak:, A Few of My Favorite Things, Reeves, Linda, vengeanceandfury, brianandrachelglenn, meleofa and Siggisiggibangbang.

tanks yall! (that means thank you all!)


janet h said...

HIIIIIII! awww you're welcome!
did you really name your plant Chuck Norris? HAHAHAHHA you make me laugh! :P I wish i could play guitar like a pro too...sadly i'm too noob! anyways loved those facts about you! :D

Unifer said...

hahah thanks Janet :D you are the sweetest! yeah, I call my plant Chuck Norris :D it can survive way too much to be just a normal plant, with no name... and its not even a cactus!

Inspector Clouseau said...

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