Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes doing homework leads to other things...

Aren't they beautiful! I don't know if its just because I am Asian but I love love love lanterns!! ... ohh and for those of you who don't know... I don't actually know if I am Asian... I'll blog all about it later :)
Anyways, I woke up and decided since classes are finished and I just have to turn in a couple of tiny assignments and then take my finals after easter I should probably get working on my assignments. So today is PJ Friday! woohoo!
PJ Friday goes something like this: wake up, eat whatever I want to eat (oatmeal, fruit and chocolate covered nuts) jump back into bed with my laptop and school book, listen to music if it pleases me, take long breaks in-between studying sessions where I blog, play my guitar and sing, draw, paint, do whatever I want... and enjoy life! I love Fridays, I love lanterns, I love blogs, I love PJ's, I love school, I love life and I would love a cuddle buddy for tonight whilst watching a fluff-flick.
The End


Maliana said...

unnur your lanterns are so dreamy, i want to be where they are!

love you!

HamzaSidra said...

yep the lanterns do look very beautiful! And I don't believe it's because you are Asian..

janet h said...

Hi there! I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award, visit my blog for more info! :) Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

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janet h said...

Hello there! Hope you doing great!!! no problem for the shout, you really DO have a cool blog that's why i nammed you :) hehe have a lovely sunday! <3