Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm smart, thats why I wear glasses

I love statistics, and my statistics professors/teachers/instructors are so funny... who would have thought stats could be so lively! I went to class today, it was one of those finals prep classes where we just went over what was taught this semester. I laughed so much. I just wanted to hug my professor... in a non "you are so hot" way... he is just so cute, like a little kid, and he says the darndest things! so funny!
Comment of the day: "so according to this, women tend to be more communist"

More info for today: It was sunny today. I think my fruit may have been more tasty due to the sunshine. Everyone smelled extra good today. I was totally co-dependent and stupid for the better part of the day. I met some amazingly lovely people (you know who you are my darling friends :D) and took no naps at all... I miss my afternoon naps!

Added later: ok so I just had to add this one thing that happened in stats :D haha I am totally in love with statistics... and being a nerd! so the professor started the class by talking about the assignment we turned in toward the end of the semester. She started by explaining that the grades we got were already on the university website (I had already checked my grade) and if we wanted to see our assignments and the comments from the TA we could check it out at the humanities office, and then she told us what the mean for the assignment was.... and then the highest score, the lowest score, the mode, the median and standard deviation by which time everyone started laughing. I mean, it was pretty funny since we usually just get info from our teachers about the lowest and highest score and the mean. I was sitting there listening to the numbers and seeing the normal curve in my head to try to figure out where I was in comparison to the rest of the people in our class. I did pretty well! but the funny thing is... I understood what she was talking about and I loved it!
Yes, I do realize that this addition to my blog post may well be the most nerdy thing I have ever written in my life... ohh well.


janet h said...

i liked stats class too! :)

Nancy said...

Just passing through on "next blog" but I had to say that reading through a few of your posts totally brought a smile to my face. You just sound so upbeat and positive and bright and curious about life. Not many people portray that so easily! It really brightens the world to have personalities like that existing in it!

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