Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day of learning

Today I learned more about statistics. I must admit, I love statistics. I don't understand statistics, but I love statistics all the same. Its sort of like men, I love men. I don't understand men, but I love them all the same.
I learned about disabled or impaired children and their learning abilities. Apparently children who are born deaf to hearing parents have more difficulties learning than deaf children of deaf parents do. Deaf infants who have deaf parents sometimes babble, much like infants who are not deaf babble, only they do it in sign language. I think I would like to learn sign language, in case I have a deaf child some day.
I learned how to write poetry according to Icelandic poetry rules. I should thank my friend for that, since he was studying for his finals in Icelandic language and I was lucky enough to learn a thing or two about poetry from the sidelines.
So, here is an Icelandic poem for you, written in jibberish. I can't be bothered writing a poem with real words... but mind you, I am totally following all the poetry rules!

Slunginn gengur slingir fram
slófar ingir ringur
Kingir ungur kikkar pram
kennir hennar fingur

Lastly, I learned to control my fear. Good thing to learn!


MiriamR said...

I read your poem and I don't understand it at all but I loved the way it sounded :)

InO_LIZ_5AB3L4 said...