Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little bit of this and a lot of that and a even some of the other

Time for rambling on about nothing! wooohooo!
I decided to just post some of my most favorite photos and write what I think of when I see these photos. I apologize in advance :D

hahaha this photo made me actually laugh out loud! Such a cutie pie picture! but on a more serious note, I don't really like animals... cats and dogs... ugh... except when I see a photo of them or am around them... then they melt my heart! I once had a puppy and he used to sleep in my bed, by my feet and I loved him!! but then due to a series of unfortunate events he went away to live out in the country (code for he was put down) and I cried!! then last summer we found a stray kitten and it was mine for a day and night. He slept under my chin and then we had to take him to the cat house (yeah, they have a place here called Kattholt, roughly translated: "Cathill" for stray cats, and they do take good care of the cats!) to see if they could find him a new mommy, cuz he was so tiny! and we had to leave him there... and I cried again... so I guess I love cats and dogs... but I hate that I love them so much and then they get taken away.

I love silly faces. One of these photos is me and was taken a little over a year ago. The other one is someone I don't know and I found it on the other day. I just thought it was funny that there are others out there like me!

Being bitter and mad (in every sense of the word) just feels good sometimes.... but most definitely not all the time! and preferably only for 2 minutes or so at a time. Thats all I have to say about that... seeing as my bitter/crazy time is up.

I just think this guy is hot.... although I am not particularly fond of guys who drink, smoke or do drugs... I will just pretend thats soda in his hand. yumm!

Sometimes I wish I could make photos become real life, like clothes I like, but can't afford... if I could just take pictures of them and then reach inside the photo and take them out of the photo and own them... I love clothes, but unfortunately I am a poor student and can't really afford all the dresses, shoes and accessories I would love to have. Maybe some day I will be rich and famous and be able to get all the dresses I want. I was thinking about how this guy I liked would ask me why I can't wear dresses all the time, and I wanted to, for him. So after that whole thing went down the drain I thought to myself "can I wear dresses now? won't they just make me think of him all the time and make me wanna cry my heart out?" but then I realized I loved dresses long before I loved him. And I still love dresses. Dress love lasts forever... some relationships do too... but definitely not all... thank heavens!

hahah I love this photo! such a cute kid! I think everyone is superman at heart... and we all have our weaknesses but we can do so much, and we don't even know it.... or sometimes we do know it but we hide it... for some reason. Maybe because we think to ourselves that if we show our awesomeness in public people will get an inferiority complex and not like us anymore... so we would rather be liked than be awesome.... hmm... deep!

I don't exactly know where to go from here... but there is a big wide world out there! I could go anywhere and meet anyone and learn so many new things! I love it! its so exciting!


MiriamR said...

I might make a "people I want to punch in the face" and I will date each entry and then when I become a mature and good person I will burn it. I wonder how many times Daniel's name will show up. HAHA enjoyed the post.

Unifer said...

haha you make me laugh Miriam :D HUGS!!