Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer brings spiders, Unnur brings death!

I haven't really felt motivated to blog lately. I guess it's because I have been feeling just fine... not super happy and not upset.
Nothing super excited has happened in the last couple of days... We had some friends over from the states, which was awesome, but I didn't really feel the need to blog about it.
Probably the most blogworthy thing that has happened is the marathon runner spider in my room. Spiders, and bugs in general, are not my favorite... except worms, I think worms are cute... I don't know why. But every time it rains and the sidewalks are crowded with drowning worms my heart hurts a little bit for them. I don't feel the need to harm bugs though... in fact, I really don't want to kill bugs at all!
Back to the spider, I was going to bed the other night and saw this spider on the middle of my floor. It was probably standing completely still, holding its breath, hoping it would blend in with the dust bunnies on my floor and that I would turn out my lights and go to bed without noticing it. It was hoping and praying it would survive. But I saw it. Poor thing, was shaking in its knees! all 8 of them... or 6... I don't remember how many legs spiders have. Anyways, I almost decided to just turn out the lights and go to bed anyways... because I was too scared of it to get rid of it... but too much of a coward to kill it. But then when I had just turned out the lights I realized I would never be able to fall asleep with a huge spider running rampid in my room. So I quickly turned on the light again, got a jar that was sitting on my desk. It was full of water since I usually drink water from jars through a straw... so I watered Chuck Norris, my plant, with the rest of my water, threw away the straw and then attempted to catch the spider with the jar... The spider sensed danger and started running! and it was like a freaking cheetah! so I had to move fast to catch it... which I did... but then I was too scared to do anything more with it... so i just left the jar on the floor. For the next three days it was just sitting there, and I thought the spider must have died by then... my brother came by and decided to tease his wife, who was in the room with us. He moved the jar and found out the spider was still alive. I felt HORRIBLE!! poor thing starved to death on my bedroom floor and it took days! can you imagine how long that is for a tiny little spider.
I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me!

THIS JUST IN!! the spider lives!! I am not a spider killer! although I have grossly neglected it... but I will make sure to have a brave someone help me set it free in our yard tomorrow. woohoo!

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