Thursday, July 21, 2011

A day to remember..

I had the most wonderful day.

Let me tell you about it.

At 7pm this morning I woke up and got ready for work. I usually wear non-cool clothes to work, but since the sun was shining and my mood was fantastic I decided to wear a dress for a change. At work I managed to burn the porridge and had to scrub the bottom of pan for the longest time to get the burnt oatmeal off. It didn't make me upset or annoyed though. Old man B didn't like my cooking and kept wiping his tongue off with his hand after each spoon full. I am not surprised though, it looked like cement and probably tasted worse. So I gave him a bottle of Froosh (fruit drink) instead. He liked that well enough.
As the day went by we enjoyed smiles while dancing and singing in the kitchen, reading a book in the back yard in the sunshine, taking a fake nap in the living room and changing diapers in the restroom. Well, we didn't smile very much during the changing diapers part. But the rest of the day was pretty much full of smiles.
I took E out for a walk in the afternoon. We walked for a while until we got to this playground in the neighborhood. E and I share a love for swings, so we sat on the swings for the longest time talking about the people in the cars driving by, and about our moms, and dogs leaving their business all about. I was so into our little one sided conversation... one sided because she can't speak much, she listens though, and laughs, and says one or two words when she gets really excited about the conversation, which is really cute!... anyways, I was so into our conversation that I didn't notice the guy fixing something on the house right behind us. He probably heard most of our seemingly pointless, nonsense, one sided conversation, which makes me feel a bit embarrassed now that I think about it, but I didn't notice him until E and I decided to head back home (E's home, where I work).
I was getting out of the swing when my dress got stuck and I almost ripped it before I noticed it was completely wedged between the chain and the rubber seat of the swing. How it got that stuck is beyond me. I guess it was fate working its little magic. I told E to wait for me cuz I had to get my dress un-stuck, but she kept walking away so I started calling her, and telling her not to go anywhere. It was sort of like a scene from a movie cuz right then, in the midst of my calling out for E to wait and not run into the street this guy calls out "uhumm... can I help you? are you stuck?"
I don't blush often, but I dare say I did at that moment. I told him it was ok, I just needed to get my dress lose and make sure E didn't run off. He went over to E, introduced himself like a true gentleman and offered to walk her back to me. He then asked if he could give getting my dress un-stuck a go. It was one of those once in a lifetime moments, where you can't really challenge fate because no matter how cheesy your situation is, its one you have wanted to experience since Jane Austen started writing novels. So I just let go of the dress and the swing and gave him the opportunity to save my life... well, my dress' life, which he promptly did, and without even so much as a split seam.
I asked him if he ever considered giving up "home improvements" for a life of "damsel in distress saving". He said he really hadn't thought about it, but figured since this first attempt had gone so well, he might. After a short but sweet conversation he came to the conclusion that he should just go back to home improvements (on his grandparents house by the way, what a freakin stud! spending a wednesday afternoon fixing up his grandparents place). He did ask for my number though, after asking if I was free this Friday night.
I was happy to say that I don't have an evening shift this Friday, which is very rare, I seem to be scheduled to work a lot on Friday nights. I guess miracles do happen every day! And this one was quite pleasant.

And just so you know, I made about 65% of that story up... its a nice thought though... a day like that happening in a life like mine.... I guess it could still happen, slightly different maybe, but still...


Miss Understood said...

Hahahahaha !! ohh!! I was so excited! x'D i laughed and laughed and laughed. I even made a picture - movie thing in my head how this was.. I wish I could draw it.
But man, you are awesome and I love you! :-)

MoBo said...

I feel so CHEATED!!! :p hehe I was exploding with excitement and then you said you made it up! I am trying to negotiate the grandparents house fixing guy into the 65%...sumsine haha oops thats my verification word! hahaha