Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goldfish vs. New York

Things are happening. I woke up yesterday morning and decided I was going to buy myself a goldfish... then I changed my mind and decided that instead of getting a goldfish I should fly to New York... in September. So just a few minutes ago I bought the tickets. I am not going to NY to see the empire state building, or the statue of liberty... I am going there to follow my heart and be happy. I wanna eat pizza and walk around and hang out with friends and smile and laugh! and maybe see a play on broadway. This is not a trip you anyone should envy me for, because its not a glamour trip. I won't be spending money or doing fancy things. I will be living.
On to other things. I am enjoying the artsy side of life these days. Yesterday I started painting and usually I am not happy with what I am working on and it takes me forever to get started. But this time I forced myself to paint! something... anything! just paint! and I decided it didn't matter if the painting sucked and I hated it, just do something, get something out and on canvas. I hated the painting... I will, not probably... I will definitely paint over it. But it got me started, and then a couple of hours later I got an idea for a painting I am super excited about. So I started on it and so far so good. It says something. It means something to me. I think what matters is getting your feelings out on canvas and not worrying about what others will think or how it will look. It is my painting. All my best work has been work that represented part of me.
I should go to the garage and get my paintings and put them up on my walls. Why the heck are they still in storage anyways!
But yeah... so, life is good.
I am an artist.... when I feel like it. I love that I get to do that... be an artist one day and a regular Unnur the next. Life is such a wonderful gift!
I am so excited for every day! It makes me laugh how everyday things can be so exciting and fun, and then every once in a while you get to go to New York. I love it!

Its time I dance in public, the way I dance when no one is around :)

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