Friday, July 29, 2011

Long time, no sleep...

Its been forever! I feel like I have been totally neglecting my blog. What happened was I got super busy with work, and then my family all went on vacation so I was home alone... which I don't like. So I have spent most my time away from home and having way too much fun with friends and family (the bit thats not on vacation). So much has happened.
A short list:

-went to the swimming pool with my nieces and actually swam
-had a total meltdown at work (tears and hopelessness) but then decided things will be ok and they were ok and I was fine (old man B didn't want to eat his breakfast, so his medication pills turned into mush and he wouldn't take his pills, I tried everything. and then I was late getting him ready for physical therapy and his driver was already there when I started trying to put his shoes on his feet, but he wouldn't have it and so it was almost impossible to get his shoes on... the end)
-had really good meetings
-helped my brother get ready for a YSA convention. went shopping with him and helped him pick out cool clothes!
-cut the hair of ALL THE BOYS!! turns out I am quite good.... and by "all the boys" I mean, my nephew and both my brothers. Mom is next.
-ate too much food and feel totally fat. Need to change the way I think about my body. I am not fat, and I should eat healthy.
-walked to work and found a pretty snazzy sweater (yes, I take clothes and stuff I find lying around on the street)
-got hit on by an older gentleman at a café. He was well nice though, and told the best stories. It was seriously too bad he wasn't a bit younger and I wasn't a bit older.
-went to some areas of downtown Reykjavík which I haven't been to much lately. It was so lovely and I took bunches of pictures I will put up with this post. My friend Hilmar actually took a lot of the pictures. It was fun.
-I stayed over at a friends house for a couple of nights.
-fell in love with a kitten, but refused to take it home since I am have decided not to get a cat while I am still single. I will not become a cat lady.
-Went to see Captain America, it was really good for a fluff movie. I quite enjoyed it... but I enjoyed the company of the people who saw it with me more so than the movie itself.
-Jumped on a trampoline and actually did some tricks... I was dared by a 6 year old... so I had to! It was not as hard as I thought it would be... but then at one point I totally face planted the trampoline and was thankful that I didn't mess up my face.
-found a really cool playground... I love playgrounds.
The end

also, I keep having dreams where he is avoiding me or leaving without saying goodbye... I hate it... I would rather not dream at all!


Hi, I am Linda said...

hi there.

I love the photos, the thoughts, the update.

I am a street "thrifter" too. hehe. often its bits that came off clothes. I love scoring cool buttons or bits of lace or ribbon. Street gold, is what I like to call it.

Autumn said...

Love these pictures. Glad to hear you're having a good summer, it's so easy to get caught up in everything.

Hair cutting is scary! You brave, brave, girl.