Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 10

I was sick at home today. It seems all this ice cream eating during warm summer days has caught up with me. So I slept in today and took a nap in the afternoon. Both this morning and my afternoon nap I had dreams about realizing I had another closet full of dresses I had forgotten to move from my old place to where I live now. It was lovely, but I think this may be all because of this project.
Even though I wasn't feeling too good I still decided to wear a dress today, and since it is getting chilly outside I wore a woolen knitted dress I got from my friend ages ago. Today was the first time I wore, even though I have always loved it. The reason I never wore it before was because I always felt too fat to wear it, but then I tried it on today and it fits!
I do like to wear layers with it though... its such a cute dress but I feel like its the sort of dress you can have fun with and use lots of accessories and such with.
I wore it pretty much all day... but I was in bed pretty much all day too... except for dinner time. I went to get something to eat with my little brother, and thats when I added the sweater, scarf, boots, hairstyle and a little mascara to the whole look.
Yay for being a girl!!


Nancy said...

All this cuteness of layering and bundling and sweaters and scarves is making me very anxious for it to be fall here rather than blisteringly miserably hot!

Unifer said...

You should come to Iceland! As much as I love summer, its always so nice and comfy to get to wear layers again! fall and winter are wonderful too!