Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calling the US Embassy=death trap

calling the US embassy is a pain in the butt! this is sort o how it went...

I dialed the number, a machine answered: "You have reached the US Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland. For US Citizen emergency press 0, for blablabla press 1, for blablabla press 2..... and so on for a good long while.... for blablabla press 8 (I press a number) You have reached the assistance blabla, for US Citizen passport emergency press 1, for US citizen passport blabla press 2, for other inquiries press 3 (I press 3) You have reached blablabla, for blabla press 1, for blabla press 2, for blabla press 3... and so on and so forth... 8 minutes later.... You have reached blabla, for blabla press 1, for blabla press 2, if you wanna kill yourself by now please hang up and do so.

I hate you US Embassy answering machine!

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