Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 9

UGH.. I am still super tired! I think I had too much fun last Saturday and am still suffering. 6 hours of sleep is also not nearly enough when you have a full day of work and then other obligations the next day (that is today).
So I didn't wear a dress at all today... but I have one on now and am going to sleep in it... its one of those favorite type dresses you can wear for comfy times during the day, or even a bit fancy, and then you can also wear it to bed because its a super dress!
I can't remember buying it, but it's from Vero Moda which is one of my favorite places to shop... all good things.
Right now I am wearing it in bed, blogging and listening to Andrea Bocelli. Delightful. I can't wait to sleep!

I also found this dress in the gutter on my way to church, after work. It was in the gutter, but it is there no more! I love this dress!! I love that I found it and saved it from passing cars, the rain and cats with rabies!

Good night!

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