Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 8

I am super tired. Probably due to too much food and too much fun times at the wedding yesterday.
Todays dress I got from my friend who just got married yesterday. We traded dresses at one point. It was bunches of fun and I love this dress. :D
I took the photos myself. ohh and the line on my bum is my tank top I had underneath :D hee hee, was halfway into my PJs when I realized I hadn't taken the photos yet... so I just hurried up without really making sure I had all my layers tucked in neatly. ohh well... bumlines are awesome!

Also, letting go feels good. Hoping for better things is good and some guys are just eternally vexing.... some other guys are surprisingly vexing. I guess everyone has a good side and a bad side... or at least one that I don't like.
The End

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