Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 6 and 7 all in one day!!

Today was my best friend wedding, so I decided it would probably be ok to have a double dress day!
For the first part of the day I wore a shorter everyday comfy dress... its super cute and one of my favorites. I got it new from a flea market in down town Reykjavík a while ago and managed to get the lady who sold it to me to lower the price. woohoo for great deals!

The other dress I got from Rokk og Rósir the other day, when I bought seven dresses at once. It is also one of my favorites! really really comfortable and cool. I love it!! I wore that one to the wedding and the reception. Fun times!!

As you can see I failed to take pictures of myself wearing the dress during the day. I was either running around like crazy or sitting down in a car/by a table all day... so I never really got a chance to take some cool photos. But I did get to do some cool stuff. I sang at the church and gave a speech at the ceremony. I helped the photographer between the ceremony and the reception with taking photos. We went to this little old cute Icelandic house and took some photos of the happy couple. I forgot to take my own camera with me there, which was fine I guess since I wouldn't have had the chance to take many photos for myself of the two of them. But the photographer, my older sister, took some amazing photos! it was so much fun!! I hope they put the photos on Flickr or something and if they do I will post a link on here!

I am super tired now and don't have much else to say... I had a great day!
One thing first though. Sometimes I wish I could see 5 photos from the future. Just to see what memories I will have some day. Things like, who I marry, our children, dreams fulfilled, things accomplished, fun times had... just snap shots of what I will some day have as memories. But I can't have that now. I can just pray for the strength to stay on the right path, and trust that the Lord has a plan for me.
Good night cakebabies!!

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