Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 5

Todays dress I got ages ago!! I can't remember where exactly... let me check if it says on the inside of the dress.... I checked it and turns out its from Zara... I guess thats a favorite place to shop! I got it for Christmas one year, back when I was larger. I think it looks even better now, but I can see it working when I get pregnant too... some day...
Anyways, I wore it to a movie premiere. It was the movie my brothers and others have been working on. The short film prequel to Flex and Flexibility which we made about 3 years ago. It started as a joke my brother made... about sense and sensibility... and turned into a stupid short film... which now has an awesome prequel!!
After the premiere my brother M, my friend S and I practiced out musical number thinger for my friends wedding again. It went well although I was more nervous today than yesterday... I hope I got all the nervousness out of my system today and can be relaxed and ready to sing tomorrow!! I still have to write my speech. Shouldn't be too hard though... I know K and from what I know of E I have nothing but nice things to say about him... I just need to make sure I give myself time to sit down and write it out on paper.
But now I need to sleep!!
Here is the dress. I took these photos myself, except for the first one, the one with me and all the actors, my niece Anja took that one... she was playing a paparazzi at the premiere... I got to interview all the actors and famous guests.

for those interested in watching the short film, here is a link...

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