Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 4

Today was wonderful. I wore my dress to work and enjoyed wearing it whilst doing all sorts. Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day doing my job. I get home from work and thing of how wonderful my day has been. Then my brother asks me how my day was, to which I reply "GREAT!" and then he asks what I did and I think back on my day and was bizarre! .... I scooped poop out of the toilet, got spit, peed and coughed on, gave people a bath and brushed some fake teeth... and thats not even half of it... the rest I don't even dare share on here. But I love my job. I also got hugs and kisses from angels, I played games and cared for them and they love me back. It is so fulfilling.
Makes me think to myself "I can't wait to be a mom and do this 24/7.
But about the dress... I got it from Zara, on sale. It was a little longer but shrunk a bit in the laundry. I like it because I love flower patterns and it is so comfy. Also, when I am at work and getting people dressed in the morning, showered or put them into their PJ's at night sometimes my pants start sagging... and I feel like a rapper... thats when it is nice to wear a dress like the one I wore today, because then no one can see my undies (the sagging pants is due to much moving around and bending down and standing up again and again... to put on socks and pants and shirts and blah... everything!).
Anyways, love the dress... and my brother for taking my picture for me :D I have decided I should give some credit to the photographers on this project. Day 1: my brother M. Day 2: my friend M. Day 3: me. Day 4: my brother M.

E and I watched an episode of Gossip Girl today. I learned something.
Maybe I am holding on to the pain because I still love him and the pain is the only thing I have left.

But then I got home and checked my messages and realized... there are other fish in the sea.... and they are cool! So maybe its time to let go of the pain.

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