Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3

I had work today, so I didn't really wear my dress for all that long at all! but I love the dress I wore. I got it from my sister in law not too long ago. While wearing it, I helped my brother by doing some sound work for a short film he is working on. I might post a link to it when he puts it on youtube.

I am super tired right now... and when I am super tired I am usually more emotional and all that. Right now I feel fine though, but I know I am thinking about things more than I should. I still don't understand what just happened. I still don't know when or how I will be able to fully let go. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and go to University somewhere else again. Anything to change who I meet or when I meet them. Would things be different then, or would I feel the same way about someone else? Was I supposed to go through this? Does it matter who was part of the program?
I realized how I felt on the 1st of April. What a terrible day. I wish he hadn't had a sense of humor that day, maybe things would be different then. Maybe I would be free.


Hi, I am Linda said...

I'm loving your dresses! Tell me about the little vest thing.. I love that! And you look so happy and skinny and beautiful!

Unifer said...

thank you dear! can't wait to see you!! the vest thing I got from mom, she was going to throw it out because she thought it didn't suit her, so I grabbed it out of the give-away bag and now I LOVE it!! and then the other day I went downtown, to the shopping street in Reykjavík and they are selling similar style vests and sweaters there now at vintage shops... I felt so fashionably one step ahead!!