Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2

Todays dress is new... to me... but vintage. It is one of the seven dresses I got the other day and talked about in my last post.

So my friend M came over and we hung out today. I felt like eating a whole bakery... so we did :D we bought one slice of everything and split it in half... and ate it all! It was lovely, especially since the whole morning went into fixing up the house and mowing the lawn at my parents. It was great fun, but I forgot to eat afterwards and was super hungry by the time we got down town. So just sat down on a blanket on the the grass behind a museum in my little town, Hafnarfjörður, and ate and talked and took a nap. Super nice!
One of my best and oldest friends (well, she is not old, but I have known her since we were 4 years old) is getting married this Saturday. A while ago, when she got engaged, she told me that she wanted me to sing at her wedding reception. I sort of didn't think about it too much throughout the summer, partially to avoid getting nervous, partially to pretend it wasn't real. But it is real and the wedding is this weekend. So I asked a friend to play the guitar for me while I sing at the reception. He is too busy with his own deals, so I decided I will play the piano myself... SCARY!! so I started practicing, and then my brother picked up his guitar and started playing along, and it sounded famous good! then today, my friend S came by where I was practicing and since she plays the piano I decided to ask her if she would give it a go. It was so much more comfortable to be able to just focus on the singing and not have to worry about the piano playing too! so I asked if she would play the piano at the reception. She said YES!! thank heavens!
All this happened whilst I wore the dress I bought at Rokk og Rósir last week. Not bad, not bad!


Autumn said...

It's hard to do both at the same time- I hear you! I love these dress posts.

Unifer said...

haha thank you Autumn! :D