Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 35 dresses. Day 1

When I was younger I hated dresses. I felt too fat or awkward or tomboyish to wear dresses, so I didn't even own a single dress! Then as time went by and weight went off I realized dresses are even better than shoes!
The other day I went on a stroll downtown and found myself buying 7 dresses... at once! yep, its true, there was a deal where you get 7 dresses for ridiculous little amounts of money. So I bought dresses. When I was home later that night, dresses all washed and clean, ready to join my other dresses in my closet I realized there was not too much space left in my closet. So I decided to count my dresses. Turns out I have more dresses than days in the month.

Now I may call some things dresses other people would call something else entirely.

Here is what the internets tell me a dress is:

1. Clothing; apparel.
2. A style of clothing: folk dancers in peasant dress.
3. A one-piece outer garment for women or girls.
4. Outer covering or appearance; guise: an ancient ritual in modern dress.

Here is what I say a dress is:

1. Any item of clothing that covers my boobs and my bum at the same time. Even if it only barely covers either or both.

I do however believe in dressing modestly and am a big fan of layers.

So here is the deal. I have decided to do a 35 dress project. I want to wear a dress every day for a month or so... all my dresses, that is. That does not mean I have to wear it all day, I would rather not wear my nice dresses to work, but for at least one hour every day I will be wearing one of my dresses (I will never wear the same dress twice... well, at least not whilst doing this project). Every day I will take a photo of what I am wearing and post it along with a short text telling yall what happened while I wore the dress.
Sound good?... well, I think it will be fun, and since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want!
But I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Todays dress I cant remember where I got. But I know it was new (as opposed to vintage)... ohh now I remember. I got it at Zara, on sale and replaced the buttons on the back (ugh... I hate that word... buttons... the most ugly world in the history of words!).
I wore it downtown to meet one of my oldest friends. It was super nice out today and I don't know why I bothered with the wool sweater, but I love it too, and once the sun prepared for setting it got a bit chilly so it was nice to to be able to wear some pretty patterned pink sheep hair over my tiny dress. I love this dress!

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Autumn said...

You are adorable. I love dresses as well. I always felt insecure to wear dresses because I thought they attracted more attention to my top half. Now I realize they make me look longer as I am only 5'3 instead of bustier.