Friday, August 5, 2011

A day on the road... or whatever

Did I mention I love my life! Yesterday was one of those days you wish would never end.
Grams and I hung out all day, driving and walking around a small town close by where we live taking pictures and talking. It was great fun, but by the time we headed back to town I was dead tired.
My sister invited me over to have dinner with the family. Man, I love talking to them peoples!
Then there was pre-girls night at my sis-in laws house where we watched out TV show.
The rest of the night was well different from what I had expected. We met up with a couple of girlie friends and went to the Laundromat Café. Outside the Café a couple of us girls met some crazy Norwegian guys. They were plenty drunk and plenty funny. They dared me to plank on a table and then on a car.... I have always thought planking was sort of a funny sport, so I thought I'd give it a try.
We sat in the café and talked and ate cake and drank milkshake. I love girlie friends!! they make life so much better!
After sitting in there a while we decided it was getting pretty loud so we went outside and just across the street we found people dancing salsa. On Thursday nights they teach salsa for free and then people can dance all night. One of our friends went in just to check if they were still dancing and jokingly she said she would check if she could find someone who knows how to dance the Lindy Hop. A couple of minutes later she came back out with a big smile on her face and told us there was still dancing going on and she even found a lindy hopper :D So we went in and there was an old friend. Well, old friend of my older sisters or something, I never knew him well. A couple of his friends were sitting at a table, one of them being the professional dancer. Actually, two of them were, and all three of them were quite handsome. We sat and talked, laughed a bit, danced some salsa and I was quite glad to be single; being able to flirt on purpose... or accident without thinking about it too much. We went home pretty early, but I was well tired and ready for bed!

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