Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am the last cookie

In a small living room with an antique sofa, a couple of chairs and a small table you can find a group of friends sitting around talking. On the small table there is a plate of cookies. As time passes the cookies become fewer and fewer. No one really notices this happening, its all natural, the way God intended. At some point there are only two cookies left, but only for a short while. Someone quickly snatches the second to last cookie... and then there was one. Only one cookie left. But no one dares take it, because for some reason that would be rude. They all want the cookie, but taking the last cookie is impolite.

I am the last cookie.

All the other girls have been snatched.... and now different guys just nibble at me, taking small pieces here and there until there is no more me. Until I disappear.

NO more!! I am taking some time to become the whole cookie again, and if I have to move so that I am not the last cookie anymore, than so be it. But from now on, no one nibbles at me. Either you take the whole cookie or leave it!!

And how come "you break it, you buy it" doesn't apply to hearts?
Its ok I guess, I can look back now and see that I really wouldn't have wanted to end up with most of the guys who broke my heart through the years... besides.... I wouldn't have wanted to end up with the guys who's hearts I have broken either... it's all good.

My brother visited me last night and I decided to take some pictures of him... he kept asking what the heck I was taking random photos for... I just felt like taking pictures... these are some of my favorite from last night.


Hi, I am Linda said...
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Hi, I am Linda said...

He is devoted to his COOKIE. hehe I just had to throw that in.

Hi, I am Linda said...

what brilliant comparisons! Here's the fact though. The smart, kind, genuine, and real person in the bunch, takes the last one. This is how it works. "He" waits, watches, makes sure one last time that no one else wants it (praying no one does cause he actually REALLY wants it) then snatches that up so fast everyone including the cookie wonders why he waited so long in the first place. Soon the thinking is gone and the cookie and that moment is enjoyed forever!

That is how it works! He pick you because you are his favorite cookie. He knows how great you are and doesn't want to share you so he snatches only when you can be his and only his. You are HIS favorite COOKIE!

love the pictures of your brother (I'm not going to try to spell his name;-) He had no idea that all of blog land would see his silly delightfulness... wuuaaaahahaha

Autumn said...

I think the last cookie on the plate always tastes the best anyway.