Friday, August 26, 2011

Thoughts, or lack thereof

I know I owe you guys a whole bunch of dress pictures... I don't really feel motivated to post them at the moment, but I will post a whole bunch sometime soon. Not that I expect you lovely people to be ready to riot due to a lack of blog posts and photos about my dresses.

Things on my mind at the moment:

1. I hate that Game of Thrones is so porno! I love the idea of it, but I can't watch the show... too much whoring. Same goes for True Blood. Good idea, terrible show.
2. I wish I was in love and I don't want a long distance relationship, I like cuddling too much... and I would rather be alone and not missing someone than alone and in pain because he is somewhere out there.... far away. .... at least thats what I think I want.... actually... let me re-think that.
3. I can't believe I am going to NYC. I can't wait! No plans, except for China Town, Ima go find my long lost family. I am also super happy my friend Martin will be going with me, because he knows the difference between a real and fake stuff. I would be likely to buy some knock off junk thinking it was supa cool and then end up looking like a fool.
4. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - is not too bad. I sort of like that song.
5. There are too many freaking books! I have a LONG list of books I want to read... but TV always sucks me in! its so much easier... but I like finishing books way more than finishing watching a movie... makes me feel like I accomplished something. What a dull life I lead, where finishing a book is an accomplishment... wow. I clap for myself!
6. Last night I watched a couple of documentaries about beauty and about how beauty should come from the inside and not only be on the outside. I fear they may have had a bad influence on me, unlike they were meant to, because I feel like getting extensions, teeth whitened, go tanning , wear heels and fake lashes. Stupid!
7. this one is a secret. don't it make you curious!
8. I would really love a good era movie to watch.... any suggestions?
9. ohh I can't remember...
10. I am off

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