Monday, August 29, 2011

Here one day, there the next, and then back. Thats how we do it!

It's not that I am changing my mind. More like, my brain and my heart are having a constant fight and one day my head is winning and the next my heart is winning. Today my heart is winning. I like it better when my head wins! its less painful.
I prayed to God and asked what to do with this. He told me it serves a purpose I do not know about now, and I should continue being loving and kind regardless.
I don't know how to do that, but I try.

Dear Sir,
I wrote that song with you, don't dare sing it on your own... I will be too sad if you kick me out of the duet more than you already have. Just sayin'.

Yours, hopefully not forever
That one girl


Bri said...

i know how you feel. just keep up the positive, loving thoughts and all will soon fall into place :)

Unifer said...

Thank you kindly Bri :D I am sure it will... until then I will try my best to smile regardless, thankful that at least there are way more good moments than bad lately!!