Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sugary dreams

Today I want cake with pink frosting and sprinkles. Chocolate with marzipan goodness filling. A good movie to watch; one that makes me laugh a lot and almost cry some. Someone to sit on my toes while we watch the movie so that I wont get cold.
I wish someone wanted to cuddle with me. I mean... someone I want to cuddle with. I am sure there are always at least one or two people in the world who would cuddle with you at any time... but I don't know if I want to cuddle with them.
Love is a miracle. How two people can meet and feel drawn to each other and have fun together and want to take a chance on it working out for forever... is sort of a miracle... its a good thing I believe in miracles.

Classes started the other day. This is my last year at University. This time next year who knows where I will be, maybe I'll be starting my masters, or living in a different country, or working lots, or making millions as a master mind investor.

Anything could happen....
stay tuned!

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