Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life goes on

So I don't really feel like blogging about New York too much... I feel like its sort of a "you had to be there" thing. But trust me, it was absolutely wonderful! Every day was sort of like a reminder to me that God knows where I am and what I need. There were so many moments where prayers were answered and magic/miracles happened. Personal stuff I would rather just keep in my personal journal. Let me just say that I now understand why people wear those "I heart NY" shirts and stuff...

I am back in Iceland. Got the flu pretty much as soon as I came back and have been in bed since Sunday. Today I decided I was sick of being sick and so even though I didn't go to school I did go out for a short walk and made dinner for me and my brother. I also made chocolate chip cookies just for funs.
I love the fall. I love the colors and the rain and the freshness. I took about a 100 photos during my walk, no jokes! It was just too beautiful outside.

My favorite part of today was probably getting potatoes from our backyard and then cooking dinner. hah, that should tell you how boring my life has been over the past few days. But really though, there is something wonderful about getting your own food and cooking for yourself and those you love.

Cooking for one is seriously one of the most depressing things I do! I think that might be why I love cooking at work so much, because there is a house full of people I love, who love me and my cooking :D I know a lot of women think being a housewife is not good enough, or not fancy enough, or that other people judge them for being "just" a housewife. There is something beautiful about someone being so selfless in serving those they love.

My mom always worked hard weather it was in the home or outside of it. I am so thankful for all the meals and the service she never really gets thanks for. She is my hero. I really want to be like my mom "when I grow up". I really do hope that some day I will get the opportunity to be a housewife, serving my family, because I love them.

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Maliana said...

your pictures are so lovely! they make me a little homesick ;)