Friday, September 30, 2011

Some days are just like that

Finally I am feeling better! In my last post I may have mentioned that I have been sick lately, and then I got sick of being sick, and now I feel better.... but I am still bored. I should get out more... or hang out with my friends more. Maybe I don't hang out with friends that much anymore because most of my friends are either married, guys or family... some are all three! And I heart you married friends... but its not the same hanging out with a group of single girlie friends and with married friends... things change. And hanging out with single guys is definitely not the same either, and as much as I love love love my family, I think every person should have friends they can hang out with outside the family too.
I feel so ungrateful now. Complaining about my "lack of friends". I have the best family a person could hope for! I have so many wonderful guy friends!! I have the best friends in the world!

I just feel left behind.
Guess I am just suffering from "the last cookie" syndrome today.

The other day I found myself thinking "Blair really should marry the French Prince" and I meant it! I am sure that now that I am finally over the whole Blair & Chuck thing they will get back together and end up getting married and I will be like "screw you! screw you both!!". I should stop pretending my life is anything like that stupid TV show.

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MoBo said...

this one made me giggles (the end parts)!!! but i think its accurate and not ingrate types at all(about the having friends apart, even though you family is awesome), but I am the devil. keke thats not good! anyways, as you can see i decided to post on your blog now! hehe for some reason I used to feel weird about it hehe

Love from NC!