Sunday, October 2, 2011

You have no sense of humor fatty!

Its time to get thin again. Lately I have been feeling sooooo fat! it may just be because I have been eating 90% junk and about 10% healthy for the past month or so. Gross!
I did work out a lot before I went to NYC and that got me into shape pretty fast, so I think I will start doing that again. I love working out and feeling good! Right now I am making some vegetable soup for tomorrow and even though its already past midnight, it makes me feel super excited to think about how I will feel after I eat vegetable soup instead of junk tomorrow.

Also, my family it awesome! Tonight was well spent with my my brother and his wife and my other brother. I always laugh so much when I am around them. But they have a really weird sense of humor, and so do I, so I often wonder how the heck I am going to find someone who will find them funny. I sort of can't picture myself growing old with someone who will just sit there and stare at us with a look on his face that says "you guys are crazy". I also can't imagine anyone getting our sense of humor. I totally know we have this strange sense of humor and are often very.... inappropriate... in a way. But I do believe in miracles... and finding someone who shares our crazy sense of humor would definitely be a miracle! a huge miracle!

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