Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Worst idea I ever had

Tonight my and my brothers and my sis-in law had some good times with pizza, Terra Nova and hair cutting.
My brothers love to play soccer and so they decided to go play with some friends at 10pm. Unfortunately the PS3 makes time fly so we ended up being a bit late. They were going to drive me home first and on our way out my sis-in law asked if we could take out the trash on our way to the car. But since the garbage bins were kind of far away and the guys were late, I thought I would save us time by just taking the trash along for the ride and throw it in the bin by my house.
That was definitely one of the worst ideas I ever had!

Note to self: when a trash bag is starting to stink up a whole apartment its probably not smart to put it in your car, especially when you plan on being in the car at the same time.

Note to self: if you ever don't like someone and want them to suffer, put a bag full of trash in their car.

Note to self: If you ever dislike someone and want them to suffer and you have a bag full of trash with you, before you put it in their car, ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

Note to self: just take the damn trash out straight away.

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