Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Girl in the Big City

What I am trying to say is... I am in NEW YORK!!
Its hot and humid and 100.2% awesome.
My flight over was sort of interesting though, lemme tell ya!

Negative Nancy's point of view:
My flight was packed full, which means lots of lines. I hate lines.
I was put by the emergency exit, so I had to put my handbag in the overhead compartment and it was super embarrassing always getting it out and putting it back and then getting it back out 5 minutes later because I forgot this one thing and so on and so forth.
The TV screen was broken.
The chicken cost me $15 and the portion was TINY... like seriously... smaller then the the size of the word TINY in 12pt all caps... and it was cold!
my bum was itchy... because I got sunburnt while tanning earlier that day.
ugh... life!

Positive Polly's point of view:
I loved the drive to the airport with my dad and sort of wished he were coming with me so we could just sit and talk the whole way to NYC. I got a chance to help a couple of people out at the airport, gave this gay guy my seat so he could sit by his boyfriend, it was so cute. I got a seat by the emergency exit so I had plenty of leg space! the two danish guys I was sitting by were super nice too and always said "ladies first" when the male stewardess ... steward? anyways... when he asked if he could do anything for us. The steward was also pretty dang hot! and since my tv screen was broken I got plenty of attention from him. so that was pleasant!
My chicken was the best tasting cold chicken I have ever had.
I totally made my way to my destination woohoo!
Everyone at the airport and the flight was soooo nice! I was happy to get to L and X's house :) they are the best! ... like seriously! the BEST!

-Saw the city
-was totally excited about life
-went shopping
-finally tried a macaroon (I have seen them on Gossip Girl and multiple photos on and have always wanted to try one... I might have to buy some more!)
I am tired and happy!!


Autumn said...

I really want to try one!

Maliana said...

thats awesome! the excited about life part, all the other stuff is just gravy made out of gold

Hera said...

Flight attendant. Stewards were on the big ocean liners. Stewardesses were on the planes many years ago. But we know what you mean :)