Sunday, September 11, 2011

stood up? me? ... well... yes... I guess

I got stood up. Its not my favorite thing to do. But I had a good time anyways.
We organized a date night/couples night last night and I asked a guy to be my date. He didn't show.
I cried... JUST KIDDING. I was fine, and I had so much fun the whole night, maybe because I knew I could be totally myself and not worry about what "he" would think about this or that. I could eat as much as I wanted to. I could dance from one place to another instead of walking. I could flirt with everyone else's date... except the married ones... I don't believe in flirting with married people.
It was a good night!
I want to go on a date like that with someone though. Where I can be myself and a total looney toon and still feel like I am liked... more than liked... loved!
Some day, some day!


Autumn said...

Is it sad that I think this sounds more fun than a regular date? haha :)

MiriamR said...

those are awesome decorations

حَنَآآن . . . said...

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you are great !
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keep going for ever

you sister / Hanan .. :)

Maliana said...

what a fool! (the stander) sad for him, im not saying that as fluffy girly things girly people say. it just really sounds like he missed out on an awesome time, that's all

Hera said...

Skemmtilegar myndir.