Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aurora Borealis in my backyard

Winter times in Iceland, what lovely times!! Last night I was working until 11pm and since the bus system in iceland is mentally unstable my brother picked me up from work. On our way home I noticed some green lights dancing in the sky. I know I should be used to the northern lights since I have lived here my whole life. But Iceland never ceases to amaze me! I love this little island and all its magic! The earth, the ocean, the sky, all of it is magical in its own way, no matter what season it is.
We decided to drive out of the city lights a bit, which is easy to do since wherever you are in Iceland you usually don't have to drive for more than 10-20 minutes to get out of town, and in this case into the darkness. The stars were magical, the northern lights were magical, the crisp cold winter air was magical!
When we had gotten out of the car and were standing on the gravel road staring at the sky I noticed there was a bit of sky that was a deep dark red! I have seen green, white, purple and pink northern lights, but never that deep red color we saw last night! it was crazy! with my bare eyes it seemed like a part of the sky was missing, like it was sucking in all the colors around it. But then when I took a photo of it, it was red. It took my eyes a while to realize they were red northern lights. Beautiful! Here are some awesome photos someone talented took and below are my photos... not the best, I know. The real deal is more like the ones you can see in the photos in the link I posted. But my photos remind me of the good times anyways!


LMT said...

Awesome! We won't stop visiting Iceland until we have seen these, you know. We really want to see and Zack wants to photograph these magical lights. Yay, for backyard nighttime goodness!

Reader Riah said...

That was the one thing I REALLY wanted to see when I visited Iceland! Too bad I had to come in July. :( Looks amazing though! One day I will see it!

MoBo said...

Neva!! should you ever get used to amazing things! they should always be amazing, otherwise you are misunderappreciating (I learned that word from an american political radio guy, i was quite impressed[...]) them!!! beautiful wonderful amazing!