Monday, October 24, 2011

My life on TV

Sometimes when I am walking or riding the bus and have time to just be by myself I imagine my life is a TV show. I add some more spice than it already has of course. Otherwise it would just be everyday life. There is a reason they have TV shows... its because sometimes real life is so normal that you need to spice it up with someone else's fake life.
I like to imagine my own fake life. I just wish I had the courage to make my real life really be a TV show. Do stupid, fun, exciting, different, dramatic things. Some days are more like a show than others. I like those days.
Yesterday was a day full of married couples and babies... and I was the babysitter.
It was a TV show day. It was good, and interesting, and lots of people told me having a baby on my arm suits me. None of those peoples were single young guys though... and now that I think about it the single young guys seemed to be staying clear of the babysitter... too much rubbing possibilities in their faces I think. Like I was threatening them or something.
Today my back is killing! too much holding babies... too much being single and scaring guys away by looking like I should have my own baby.

Thing is, I am fine. Today. Today I am fine with not having all these things. Wanting something and being desperate for something are two different things. I do admit I have crossed the line and been desperate once or twice or a few times before.
However, I am fine today. I am happy today. I am excited to date and make out and be happy to get a text from someone new. It makes me feel like the lead in my own TV show.
The single girl with all the possibilities in the world who has all these married happy couple young parent friends telling her how wonderful their life is... well guess what, my life is pretty awesome too.
It makes me smile in a warm sunny kind of way.
Now bring on the next adventure!!


LMT said...

It will be nice to sit back and watch the drama and adventure of the whole series when we get to heaven.

Unifer said...

hahah yeah, that would be interesting... and embarrassing :D