Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did I mention it is all about me?

My super creative friend got me hooked on book/journal making. I tried binding my own books (sowing them together by hand and making a hard cover), and that is fun. But then I saw her journal made from hopes and dreams and all things lovely and decided to buy the material needed and fashion myself a similar book.

Here is the original:

And here is a little sample from my book:

I got this card from the National History Museum by my Universtiy
It is traditional Icelandic tapestry
I got the card with the picture of the couple on it at a flea market a while ago
It's an actual love letter from a man in 1941
This is an old photo of my Grandmother
I dedicated a blog post to her and her story a while back
You can find it here if you are interested in knowing why I wrote "my Chinese Oma"
I like to eat, so I decided to dedicate the back of my journal to recipes and all things tasty
My name is Unnur... and I don't actually know if every Unnur likes to eat... but I sure do
you are welcome to post recipes of your favorite food and goodies in the comments!

I haven't started putting a lot of personal things in it. but I did pick out, cut, punch holes and organize the paper all by myself!
and my mom likes it


LMT said...

I totally love it! Can't wait to see more updates.

Unifer said...

yay! thanks :) I will make sure to post some updates :D

MiriamR said...

that is a great idea. Something your kids will love, or daughters anyway
;) well done

Unifer said...

haha thank you Miriam :D

Hera said...

Halló Unnur. Alltaf gaman að lesa frá þér. Var amma þín kínversk? Ég hef alltaf áhuga á ættarskrá fólks. Ég er FHC í deildinni okkar og hef alltaf gaman að hjálpa fólki að finna ættfeður og ættmæður þeirra. Svo er líka alltag gaman að heyra sögur þeirra.

Unifer said...

ú! en spennandi Hera! við vitum ekkert fyrir víst en þetta er bara ein af hugmyndunum okkar um það hvaðan við komum :D ég ætti að plana Kanada ferð með upplýsingarnar mínar og kannski athuga með að fá hjálp hjá þér! :D