Monday, October 31, 2011

You Invisible sexy beast you!

It's actually quite fun, getting all this attention. I hope it continues. It makes for some good self esteem!
I have this recurring theme in my dreams. It's really strange actually. I dream about his home town all the time... what's that all about. I am doing fine with my feelings towards him in the daytime, I am actually doing a famous good job getting over him... but then I fall asleep and have dreams about being in his home town, visiting, living there, trying to get there, in summertime, in wintertime. I even dreamt that they had built the first LDS temple in his home town and I was going there to go to the temple. How strange is that?! and it's not like he is even there in all the dreams. Just his home town.
Last night however, I had a strange dream. I had a dream that my boyfriend (who I don't have) was cursed, so that he was invisible, but he could make people hear his voice if he wanted to. But because I was in his house when he was cursed, I was turned invisible too. I, however, could not let people hear me. So the only person I could talk to was my boyfriend, and my boyfriend was his best friend. So the three of us would hang out all the time, and they could talk, but I couldn't talk to him... just my boyfriend... and both of us were invisible. Its kind of a fun idea for a story... but I felt left out.
Maybe the fact that we seem to ignore each other so much when we are around each other in real life is doing my head in. We don't hang out alone anymore, and I don't look at him very much when we are in the same room, let alone speak to him. I don't know if he looks at me... I don't care. But I do miss his friendship. I wish I could be 100% sure I could just be his friend and not fall for him again. He makes it so easy for me to fall for him, so easy for me to get hurt. So maybe thats why I totally ignore him, even though I love his friendship and miss him a lot... So how come I am the invisible one in the dream?

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