Thursday, November 3, 2011

When kids misunderstand

I overheard my dad on the phone telling someone he can fix some electrical thing because thats the education he got. Turns out education has little to do with what you end up doing in life for some people... he owns two companies... and does electronic type stuff on the side... for fun and good use. Anyways, so it reminded me of when I was little and he was actually studying the electronic stuff. He was making a small plate with lines, like streets, and street lights that went from green to yellow to red and back to green. He told us kids that he was building us a "BĂ­labraut" (car road) with lights. For some reason I thought he was building a full size (children's full size... which is smaller than grown up full size) car track thinger in our front yard. I would ride my bike out there with my friends and tell them all about it.

At one point I remember I learned that you can exchange money for more money. If you hand the woman at the store you lousy bill, you get lots of coins in return. and sometimes you can even exchange one coin for two or more different looking coins. I thought this meant you could get more money for free.

When I was 4 or 5 years old I had to have my tonsils taken out. I knew they were in the throat somewhere and when the doctors and my mom told me this, it made perfect sense to me that they would have to take off my head, get out the tonsils and then put my head back on. I would have a cool scar like Frankenstein. I went around telling everyone about what the doctors were going to have to do.

There used to be a NATO base in Iceland. My family would go every once in a while and visit with friends, go to Wendy's (ohh my goodness I miss Wendy's) and the skating rink. Sometimes my parents would talk about us going to "little America" and I honestly thought we were going to a smaller version of America... like a little island close to Iceland that was part of America or something.

When my friends and I were like 7 ish they all thought you could get pregnant if you kissed a boy. In a way I guess that's right, because for the most part people today are not taught to have self control, and one thing leads to another and suddenly a kiss leads to pregnancy. But you know what I mean. ohh and while I am on the subject; Parents, talk to your kids about sex, teach them self control and to stay away from pornography. There has been so much research done that shows how pornography has a negative effect, not only on the ones who watch it, no matter if they are male or female, but also just on girls and women in general. I will blog more on this subject later.

Anyways, what I was trying to say is that when kids misunderstand... they tend to misunderstand big! not like a small "I thought you said 7:30""ohh well I said 8" kind of misunderstanding... but a "You said 7:30 because the world is going to end!""no, the world is not ending, I just said 8" kind of misunderstanding.

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Maliana said...

i totally remember thinking things like that. meleofa needed change when i was like 5. she had a dollar coin and needed 2 50cent pieces, so she asked me for them in exchange for the dollar, i was like "pssh fool, you think im stupid or something, im not giving you my two moneys for your one money!" but then she traded anyway and i cried and cried, so traumatic, i didnt understand until much later that she wasnt actually cheating me :)