Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas wishes and unworn clothes

First off... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!
Today is about my hundredth sick day this year... Just kidding... I mean, I am sick, but not for the hundredth time this year! but I do think I have been getting more sick in the last 6 months than usually, probably because at work I get drooled on, sneezed on, coughed on and snotted on all the time... I try to wash my hands a lot... but I guess its like when people who haven't been sick much in their life start working at a play school and all of a sudden they get every flu and cold there is... for a while, until their immune system catches up.

Good news, I got my first Christmas wish! I get to work on Christmas eve, which is a bigger Holliday than Christmas day in Iceland. That's when the family cooks and eats together and then we open presents after a wonderful dinner and dessert. I will post a blog soon about Icelandic Christmas customs. But anyways... I get to work from 3pm to 8pm on the 24th. I am SO excited!! I love all the people I work with/for and I can't wait to spend Christmas with them and then get the evening with my eternal family. Isn't it wonderful!! I am seriously getting teary eyed just thinking about it.
OOO I JUST REALIZED!! I get to give them all Christmas presents! woohoo!!

Ok, next on my list of things to blog about. Its only the 4th day of this lovely month of November and I have in these four days come to realize that I am a shopaholic. Not really, but I do have periods where I just buy everything... like if I were a cave woman realizing winter is coming I would try to get as many berries and furs as I could so that I would have food and warmth during winter. I have been going sweater crazy lately! and when I started thinking about it I realized I go through phases like this.
For summer it was dresses. In the past it has been skirts, cardigans, leggings, T-shirts, scarves, bags/purses, shoes and throughout it all socks. I have always had a thing for socks. I steal socks from family members! not on purpose, but I borrow them and then just don't return them. I am going to hell! I was going through my clothes to see if I can't give away some of these clothes to make room. This is when I realized I have so many favorites I have not worn more than once... and some of them I haven't even worn yet!

This one I got in September at H&M in NYC
I love it! but I have only worn it once
I got this one in little Italy in NYC its my favorite!
But I don't wear it often enough, maybe two or three times
This skirt had me running all over H&M looking for the right size.
I found it hanging out all alone without its brothers and sisters, but in the wrong size... and I fell in love!
I have yet to wear it
and I got it in September
socks socks socks
I have only worn the blue pair, twice
I love them, but they don't match anything...
screw matchiness! I am going to wear them!
This one actually still has the tag on it
I got it for half price at Motor in Iceland
I love it and I bet I am going to be wearing it quite a bit!
This one also has the tag on it still
got it at Motor in Iceland
I was just going to buy one. But I had more money than self control
so therefore I now have two sweaters, less money and no self control
This one is my favorite!
(I actually sang that in my head while typing it!)
I got it at Vero Moda in Iceland and love love love it!
This one I got in September in NYC
Its not the best photo, but its a white sheer lacy vest thing
absolutely gorgeous
one of those thins thats totally useless, but so beautiful
I wore it the day I bought it, but haven't worn it since.
sometimes I wish I could wear all my clothes at once!
Ohh and just so you know, I am not the only one!

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