Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finals, need I say more?

Finals are coming up fast and I feel terribly unmotivated to blog. Nothing is happening. I wake up, don't bother to shower, eat whatever I find in the kitchen, sit down in front of my lap top with my books open and read while X-factor, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Once upon a time, Grimm, The Office, Hart of Dixie, Pan Am or one of the millions of other TV shows I get sucked into is playing in the background.... Thats this week. Next week will be hard core. No TV shows playing while I am studying. Maybe during breaks, but not so much though. I am sort of easing into it. It might be a good idea to go to the library in my town or something, to study, just so I get out of my house, get to walk a bit and see people. Right now I feel like I am turning into Gollum... just.... sitting in a cave all by my self, hunching over books. Not cool, not remotely exciting, and above all else, not sexy! and as we all know, if you are not going to be sexy, then why get out of bed at all... just kidding. I hate finals.

p.s. did you know I used to be called Snow White when I was little. Because I had really long dark hair, was pale and had red cheeks. Somehow I got the fairy tales and details mixed up in my head and kissed a worm in hopes of it turning into a prince. It didn't work any of the times I tried it.

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