Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feeling it and saying it

I finally said it. Something I haven't been really good at in the past. I always just keep it in... but lately I have come to realize that that doesn't help at all. I need to get it out. So I did, and I know the receiving end of the info I just released won't care at all, or might just think I am being dramatic and crazy. But I don't care. I said it, and I meant it and I feel better!
Worst case scenario the recipient will react badly, won't reciprocate, and we end up not being friends, because being able to say how I feel and be respected by my friends is a must to me. Best case scenario, which I have high hopes of seeing some day, we become better friends because we can actually say what we feel and still respect each other.
Feelings are important.
Words are important.

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