Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still ill/Still nuts

This just in: I am kind of a nutter!
Maybe its just because I am still at home with the flu and when I get super bored from spending too many days doing nothing much I start catching myself having looney thoughts.
About five minutes ago I went to the kitchen because I was starving! I quickly realized there is nothing to eat in my kitchen! nothing besides... buttermilk.... and brown sugar... and musli... makes for a grand meal!
So while I was dumping massive amounts of brown sugar on my buttermilk I realized that through the front of my head was going this mashup of Grease, tell me more tell me more and CJ Lewis, Sweets for my sweet.... which I think they should put on Glee. It was brilliant!
and then through the back of my head simultaneously was this thought: "please don't leave me here to die!" ... it was directed at my parents who are now at school and will be at school until late this evening... and there is nothing to eat in the kitchen... and I am sick... I am so gonna die! ALAS!! there is pizza only one phone call and a credit card swipe away! I am in luck, it seems I will live to see another day. This is good news.

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LMT said...

I love this post! I wish we were near for so many reasons but I'd love to come bring you a bite and listen to your "sick" mind. You crack me up! Feel better soon.