Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mom and Me

I love talking to my mom. She thinks I am great, and I think she is the best mom in the world!
A long time ago I read this article about my generation. Apparently we are the generation that has lived at home the longest. At the time I read it I was renting a room somewhere downtown and I thought to myself "looooosers! man I am so glad I am not one of those over 23 losers still living with their parents."

Then one day I found myself back in University, not wanting to take out any more loans, without a job or a way to pay for my rent. My parents encouraged me to hold off taking student loans as long as I could. So I considered my options, prayed about it, and then moved back into my parents basement.

It may not be perfect all the time. I want my own space. But I have had some lovely times with my parents. I still take care of myself; Clean my own space, do my own laundry, wash my own hair. I have also not had to take student loans and have had the opportunity to hang out with my family a lot more than I would have otherwise.
Sometimes late at night my mom does laundry, and since the laundry room is right next to my dominion in the basement she stops by and we talk... and since I am a single, living at home, university student who is fast approaching 27 year old (wow) she sometimes cheers me up by telling me about all the guys she has seen check me out lately. It makes me laugh and warms my heart. My mom wants all the best things in the world for me and I am moving out in a few months... it makes all these little moments more precious. I am gong to miss living at home.

Also, I am sick of being sick. I want to get dressed and look cute!

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