Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreaming is easy... making dreams come true... thats hard work!

I am so irritated with life right now!! I want to get where I want to get and rules are making it difficult!!
I'm so pissed off and just needed a freaking outlet! Why the heck did I have to be born on this freaking rock!! I HATE IT!! I feel totally stuck and my head hurts from trying to find a way to get where I want to be... in the world and in life. ugh... sucks.
Sometimes I wish someone just found America like two years ago and I could take a ship over and move in... no rules and stuff to make it difficult for me to live and work there. Its just dumb, my friend got a green card or whatever because his dad was born in the states but didn't really live there growing up or anything... and it would take me 10 years to get a green card because I am in another category since my sister is a US citizen but not my parents. And then I try to explore other options and they all seem to just be made to confuse me... and it all costs about a billion!! Why is it made so easy for some people and not for others... I don't think I am any less special than my friend, or any less worthy of living in the US... I am a hard working, educated, single woman with standards and goals in life and I think America would be lucky to have me! So there... ugh... it just pisses me off to feel like I am trying so hard and just keep running into walls...
I will think about it again tomorrow... for now my head is done and my little feelings can't take it anymore.
If any of you are visa or immigration experts I would love you to contact me! I need all the help I can get. I really want this!


Kevin said...
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A pattern in the wind said...

I'm really sorry Unnur, it's not that we don't want you, the system is just screwed up. Here are a couple of thoughts I'm having. Visas are easier to get than green cards, starting with a visa might be a way to eventually get a green card. You can start with an L-1 or H1-B visa and make the move to a green card. Or you can get a regular visa and an Employment Authorization Document. Or you can just marry an American ;) and you'll be set! Ps. Iceland may be a rock but it's a rocking rock so don't be hatin' girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear. I guess we both are on the same boat, I'm just not in Iceland though. My advice to you? be patient, I know its easy to say it but its coming from someone who has dreamt of having a green card in the States for a while. I actually lived there as a student for a long time, but was never able to apply for a green card on my own. I paid taxes, kept the law, I was practically an American, but without the green card. Then one day the dream came to an end and my last visa expired after finishing my studies, or so I thought. There are many ways to get back to the States, Student visas, work visas, you can work for an American company in Iceland and then get transferred to the States with an executive visa, or get a temporary work permit, and some other options that are a little more expensive too like investing in the States (very large amount)
keep dreaming! God would not allow us to have dreams unless they could become true;) but its not so much where you have been born or where you live, but how. All things will come to place at their own due time.