Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of those days

So tonight I had a crazy moment. Like a real PMS type moment! ... actually, I have been having a LOT of those lately. But tonights episode was one of my favorite... ever!!

My brother was nice enough to pick me up from work and give me a ride home.
In the car on the way home:

My brother: "I even met a girl today!"
Me: "really!?! where!?!?"

this was good news!! especially after the horrific day I had had so far.

My brother: "at work"
Me: "seriously, thats so awesome!"
My brother: "yeah, her name is Lena!" (Lena= the name of his dream girl, seriously, she is a reappearing fictional character in his dreams that he jokes about being real).

Me: [staring at him in disbelief, still hoping its true... about the name]  "....seriously"
My brother: [laughing] "no, I am just joking"
Me: "about the name ... or the girl?"
My brother: "about the name... and the girl"
Me: "seriously... you didn't even meet a girl?!?!"
My brother: "no"
Me: "that makes me want to cry" [at which point I actually started crying!]

My brother kept laughing, not realizing I was crying. Then finally he was like "sorry, will you talk to me again?" because I hadn't said anything in a while.

Me: "I can't.... I am crying!!!!"

At which point he starting laughing even harder!! and all the while I just kept crying ... and then laughing... and then crying....

It was just one of those days!!
I think its ok to cry over nothing on days when:

-Your Yoga instructor is a nazi at 6am
-You find out it would take you 10 years to get the green card when you thought it would take a year
-Your best friend moved to a different country
-It's that time of the month
-You have to work when you are not feeling good to begin with
-You finally find a macaroon at the bakery, and it tastes nothing like a macaroon should

all of those things happened today... I am allowed to cry!!


Belle said...

I had a PMS moment as well yesterday. I couldn't put the plug for my hair straighteners into the socket, then I just started crying. Haha!x

Unifer said...

hahahah I love moments like that.... afterwards!! :D thanks for sharing Belle!! made my day!!

Ellie said...

I know, I feel a right idiot now! Haha:) x

Nancy said...

especially about the macaroon.