Friday, February 3, 2012

Midnight mindramblings

things on my mind right now:
I can hear my heartbeat. It makes me think of the first snow of winter, so fresh, exciting and full of life.
My hand is falling asleep... I hate it when my hands or my legs fall asleep. My brother was complaining about his hands falling asleep all night and now that he has gone to bed my hand starts falling asleep. ugh.
Grey's... I love Grey's
I need to finish that sweater... yeah
Why can't I just turn this lap top off and go to sleep! I need to sleep!! really really need to sleep!
I am so sick of thinking about it. It's pretty much over. It was over before it began anyways, so it doesn't really matter how it ended.
I need to go to bed!!
my hand... I can't feel my hand... dang it.

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