Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Via we heart it

Change is good. Change is part of life... I don't do well with changes. I have memories I love, and changes are taking those memories away. I want to hold on to them. But something tells me when I hold on to those memories I am holding myself back. I am stopping myself for moving on, moving forward.
I wish I could just go back one last time. Just one more time, to say goodbye and be alright, to breathe in the air and the feeling and the surroundings. I miss them. I miss them all.
It is breaking my heart. But I need to let go and stop looking at the past as if it is my future. It is not my future. They are just memories. Memories I love. Now I need to go make new ones. Better ones. But it still breaks my heart.


Mayte said...

Hey thank you for writing that, I have the same feeling sometimes and I'm glad that I'm not alone. So thank you :)


Unifer said...

Thanks Mayte. I am glad I am not alone too :D and I checked out your blog. Really like it!! :)

shamoli sarkar said...

So, we are sailing in the same boat. It is not easy to let go. Wonderful blog. :)

Malu Majestic said...

Nice Blog! :) I like it ^^