Monday, January 30, 2012

Broadway dreams

I am not an actress. I don't act. I can't keep a straight face. I couldn't lie to save my life.
I applied to the acting program of the icelandic film academy.
That sort of makes me laugh. Isn't life wonderful! My application is in and I just received an email telling me that my audition will be on Feb 14th at 16:00. In the email was a link to two monologues I can pick from. I was also informed that I will be expected to sing a song, or perform something else, something I can choose myself. Good luck me.
I am super excited about it even though I don't really expect to make it into the program. It just makes me feel alive, doing something new and totally different.

Also, I wouldn't mind falling in love tomorrow.

But for now, its the night shift... suck a mud cake!!


LMT said...

this is fantastic! though, it scares my pants off just thinking about doing that myself. Have fun and "break a leg"!

Unifer said...

hahah thanks Linder! :D I'll probably feel the need to blog about how the audition went... so there will be an update around the 15th of February! woohoo :D

MoBo said...

Mud Cake is Delicious!@!@! I'll make you one some time, so you can suck it(well you might choke since its kinda solid...).

HOLEY EXCITING!!!! GANGI ÞÉR VEL!!!! (I don´t believe in Luck, so I don´t wish it on people.)

THAT IS SO EXCITING!! I AM SO ENVIOUS!! I do not have the confidence (maybe its drive/desire, no its a mixture of drive and confidence!) to do that myself, but I imagine it will be AWESOME!!! I loved it when I was in High school.

SO EXCITING! Live Life and Love it!