Friday, February 10, 2012

Screw you Mr. Plans

I am a planer. I make plans because I like knowing how things are going to work out, what is going to happen next. It gives me security. Sometimes I just forget that other people make plans too, and sometimes those plans just don't fit with my plans... and sometimes other people don't make plans and they still don't fit into my plan the way I wanted. So how about I change the way I plan.
Today, I am trowing out my previous plan, which involved meeting up with friends, then coming home to eat dinner with my family and some guests. Then planing on having a friend over and watching some DVDs with him, my plans also included a spontaneous fashion show and some dancing. Don't tell anyone about that part of my plan because as perviously mentioned, it was supposed to be spontaneous, and is now no longer part of my plan anyways.
That plan has been thrown out the window. It was good for something though. Because I actually cleaned my room. So now I get to enjoy some quality time with myself in my clean room.
My new plan sounds like this.
Take a nap. Wake up happy. I can control that part of my plan because it depends entirely on me. When I wake up I am going to eat with my family. I know for a fact that there will be food because I have already seen it: fish out of the freezer, salad ready for chopping. And even if that falls through, I will still eat.
After dinner with family and a couple of friends, I plan on having fun. I don't know how, where or with whom, but I will have fun. I can control that because I enjoy my own company and I can choose wether to accept someone else's company. So I get to choose to hang out with people who's company I enjoy. So whatever happens, there will be some fun times. That's what I want.

You know what!! I actually hate plans!! I hate living in a world that doesn't exist... having conversations in my head with people I plan on being in my life and then realizing, its never going to be reality and now you've just wasted a whole lot of time and brain space. Goals I can do. Plans suck!!


Miss Understood said...

Really liked reading that blogg, since there was a Prayer Week last week in my school and talking about God plans.

I bet you don't hate his plan so just wait and see ;-) I bet it will be Amazing.

Unifer said...

you are so right!! I should make a follow up post to this one, because I have changed my mind. Plans are worth something, but I need to learn to be ok with plans not always working out the way I want them to!
knús elskan mín!!