Monday, April 30, 2012

I am not done yet

Ok, fine, being divorced is not that bad! it just scares me. Especially after having taken class after class about step families, divorces, second marriages and the likelihood of second, third, forth marriages ending the same way. But then again, my mom was married a couple of times before she married my dad and I honestly think they are going to last forever!
The reason I am going on about the subject for another post is because a) its fun, and b) Anonymous posted a comment on my previous post on the subject, it sort of put things in perspective for me. I mean, I knew all those things but it is different getting the information from someone who's actually been there, even if they are anonymous.
And now I want to share a "greeting" from a singles website with you, just because I feel like highlighting an idiot: "Hi, I am a genius, I have a degree to prove it. Therefore I want a woman who is intelligent, witty and can make me laugh, all the while being super sexy, short, blond, can juggle 5 things at  the same time using one hand, only wears heals and dresses, and can cook up a storm, owns a unicorn, wants 10 kids, loves to cook and clean and is my best friend in the whole entire world. Also, she can never get annoyed with me."
Why do guys make impossible requirements?
Let me rephrase that, why do people make impossible requirements?

Now back to me, I am not saying I would never want to marry someone who has been married before, its just sad that there are so many divorced people out there, and dating someone who's been married before scares me, but then again, driving a car used to scare me too, and I am really good at that (knock on wood).

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