Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A single life, use it well!

There are so many weirdos out there! How the heck am I supposed to stay motivated to find someone, or even want to find someone when there are so many really seriously weird men out there?
Right now I am making plans, turning a garage into my own place, it will be small, but it will be just what I need. Next week I am digging so that we can get some plumbing done, and then we need to get a shower, toilet and sinks in there, after that there are just some minor things that need fixing and I am going to make a kitchen, and a bed frame. Check out a few of my inspirations here. After I move in I plan on getting my first car. With all this going on... I sort of feel content, and excited for life... a life where men are not the center of my universe and I don't waste any time on idiots.
I feel perfectly calm and happy about life, it's sort of wonderful.
Some day, if it feels right, I might change my mind, but it will take someone extra special.


MoBo said...

Great Stuff! What wonderful Adventures! sounds exciting!!! I too find a need to motivate myself into ... wanting to get married XD haha I am a sinner I know, but I am working on it ^_^

hehehehehehe the way I do it is by watching Korean Dramas!!!! hahahahahahahhah they are soooooo cute!! I know they are fictitious, but I look at my sisters and see that its not necessarily too far from the truth ^_^ hahaha

So Fun!

Unifer said...

hahah you and your sisters are wonderful!!
og stundum er bara miklu betra aĆ° vera einhleypur!! fewer worries, more freedom! awesome for now!!

Characato said...

Oh my living heck! A girl with a brain! Please don't
Take it the wrong way babe, its just great to find a good looking girl with a great smile who is smart. This is a compliment in case you are wondering;)

Ashley Taylor said...

Lately I have been meeting some really weird guys too, and me makes me question can there really be someone out there for me? haha So I have decided to not stress over it and just have fun and enjoy life