Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reykjavík: the perfect place for the socially impaired

Downtown Reykjavík, Iceland

I love how, on a sunny day, Reykjavík city looks so colorful. 
Today I took the 45 minute bus ride into town from my home in the lava field into the city for specific purposes. Things didn't really turn out the way I expected, but then again they rarely do. It was lovely though. I enjoy sitting on the bus, as long as the people riding with me don't stink. Today was a good day. No stinky people.

I realize some people spend way more than and hour and a half a day in a bus/train/car to get to and from wherever they need to go, but to me an hour and a half of just sitting there is precious time lost. This is why I love audio books!

Right now I am listening to "Attached: the new science of adult attachment"which caught my attention on Audible a while ago because listening to the preview was like listening to someone describe all my past relationships in 5 minutes.

I have been totally and absolutely socially retarded in the past. Not saying I am perfect now. But man, listening to the audiobooks on human behavior and communications I have bought and reading my school books is a bruising reminder that I suck at being human! 

On a more positive side, it is also a good reminder that other people also suck at being human. 
I feel a bit better sucking at something when others around me suck at it just as bad...
or in some cases even worse. I feel bad for those people!

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MoBo said...

HEY HEY! I DONT NEED YOUR PITY! I am plenty fine happy to be suckier than thou.!.. uhm.. XD

the title does explain a lot.. about.. Why I Like it there and am so good at it XD keke

I know this sounds like I am in denial... but I like feeling like an alien from another planet XD I really do :D

(that also explains a lot... :O )